Baphomet MC Shepway 

We are a motorcycle club with members all over Kent, aiming to promote the biker lifestyle to younger riders – keeping the old ways and traditions alive with old school values and a  new school attitude, Brotherhood means exactly that to us we are very close and know everything about eachother, the old saying "I am my brothers keeper" has never been more accurate, you ask me if i am my brothers keeper, fuck with him and find out. We are a very active club that has never shy'd away from adversity or conflict, this does not mean we are unapproachable you will always be able to talk with us at most events in Kent. If you don’t know us personally, you probably know someone who does. We regularly travel overseas to visit our friends on the continent and elsewhere. Feel free to take a look around the site and if you’ve any questions or queries, please email us or visit our Facebook/Instagram pages and contact us.