Origin of the name

Dating back to the inquisition and torture of the knights templar, this triple horned deity has the words solve 

(separate) and coagula (join together) emblazoned on its out stretched forearms, contrary to popular belief, Baphomet is not a symbol of satanism or the occult, but the embodiment of opposition and contrary ideas. it is a symbol of balance in the universe and also a fountain of knowledge and intelligence.


Baphomet MC started officially when we were sanctioned in March 2015 as Baphomet MCC (a front patch) we started out meeting at the kentish quarrymen in Ditton, Maidstone, Kent, but after many meetings the club decided that front patch wasnt enough for us and we needed more, as such we aimed our sights towards MC, however this could not happen where we were and set out to find our own area, we found an area with no other clubs in it, Shepway, in our first year we found our feet and was promoted to side patch in August 2016. In October 2016 we found a spot and built our first clubhouse, attatched to the Baliffs Sergeant in St Marys in the marsh, we had a lot of fun and too many events to remember, we loved our time there and was there for 2 years before moving on to our current clubhouse we share with our close friends Medusa Mc Scraye. In Febuary 2018 we were promoted to rear emblem MCC, this promotion was quickly preceded in the May when we were granted Shepway as our area. in August 2018 we were promoted again to being granted our top rocker thus taking us out of MCC status and being in limbo between MCC and MC, in October 2018 we changed our design with more detail. over the next year we worked on growth and friendships out of county and country as well as maintaining our relationships in Kent, we got our current clubhouse in January 2019 since then we have felt we have a home. In August 2019 we were sanctioned as full back patch MC. Febuary 2020 Baphomet Mc Recieved 1%  status

We have gone through all the stages of status' to get to where we are now, in record time, we are also the youngest average age MC in kent. proving the young can do this too, with the right mentality, loyalty and commitment Baphomet MC will continue to grow and get stronger by the day.

Be More Goat